How to store those ink pads……

Until about an hour again I stored my ink pads in a Stampin’ Up storage tower. However my tower was full and I needed a new way to store them. The only alternative I had was to stop buying ink and that wasn’t going to happen! 

I searched Pinterest for ideas and tried to bribe people to make me a storage cupboard but no one wanted to help. Finally an idea popped into my head.

A quick trip to office works and I was the proud owner of 6 of these babies……

First step was to fold them all flat and find a nice thick piece of cardboard to use as a ruler. Using a Stanley knife I cut the magazine holder down to ink pad size…..

Step two is to flip it over and cut the other side down to ink pad size…..

What I now had was six smaller boxes. 

You may ask why six? Easy. One for each colour family and one for the In Colours and one from retired colours. I did underestimate how many retired pads I had so I will need to go buy one more magazine box tomorrow. They now take up far less room on my desk and I can see all my colours at once!