What am I known for?

Anyone who visits my craft room comments on how annoyingly organised it is. To be truthful sometimes I do like to hang out in there and reorganise….it’s like a hobby of its own!

My recent project has been to organise a better way to store my stamp sets and the matching thinlets. Before I undertook this task they were just slotted in next to each other on my shelf but it just looked messy to me.  For those who don’t understand her is a matching stamp and thinlet set:

When you open up the thinlet pack you get a flat card with metal shapes attached:

Generally to use thinlets you stamp an image and then using a die cut machine like a Big Shot you use the thinlet to cut it out. In the olden days we used to have to stamp an image and then fussy cut it out……this took forever! This picture shows how the thinlets are made to be perfectly matched to a stamp:

Now for my organisational method. I visit a $2 shop and buy a large magnet sheet. Sometimes you need to visit a few shops to find them. The can usually be found in the crafting section.

These sheets are adhesive backed:


I cut the sheet in half so I have enough for two stamp sets and stick one half in the inside cover of the stamp set:

The last simple step is to remove the thinlets from their packaging and sit them on the magnet strip. It is so easy and sits on the shelf so much better!

And the finished view:

Everything neat and today and in its place! Make sure to follow my blog so you get notified once a new post goes up!



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